“For me, this industry is all about passion: a passion for learning, keeping up to date with the latest treatment techniques and innovations as well as providing the best treatments to my clients. I combine my knowledge and experience to provide each client with a bespoke treatment that best suits their needs. Every year new treatments and techniques are brought in, to ensure my clients are receiving the latest and most effective skin care treatments available.”

Sarah Thomas is one of the UK’s leading specialist Electrologist and NHS providers for Transgender Electrolysis. She also provides Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, to treat facial thread veins, milia, warts, skin tags, blood spots, moles, age spots, verrucas and other skin disorders easily and safely. As part of her skill set, Sarah offers Sclerotherapy which is injecting leg thread and spider veins.

Client reviews and ‘Before and After Pictures’ of her treatments on this website, demonstrate her high level of training and skills, in this results driven industry.