We are Bellaire Hair and Beauty – a 5* salon based in the heart of Belfast City Centre, awe-inspiring in quality.
Our beautifully designed salon, launched in May 2010; since proving to be an ever growing success.
Located on Royal Avenue, and outlined by the breath-taking cultural hub that is Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, the surroundings are almost as beautiful as the work we produce.

Since our inception our goal has been a simple one – to create a retreat from everyday life. To channel the hustle of city living into a vibrant space, bursting with personality, for clients to experience what our industry has to offer, in true Bellaire style.

At Bellaire, we celebrate beauty, creativity and individuality. We strive to deliver top trends in hair colouring, styling and beauty; through utilising intuitive techniques, products and experience.We offer a range of first class tailored services and treatments to meet the demand of the individual client.We understand training builds knowledge, therefore, our team contains highly skilled stylists and therapists with one thing, above all else, in common: an unwavering passion for what we do.

Our team is our brand; therefore, it is difficult to quantify in terms of a description, given the range of personalities within.
That said, we all agree on one thing: we are an industry force to be reckoned with.