Founded by Creative Director and local female entrepreneur Kirsten Evans, Ultimate Hair & Beauty is one of the most popular and in demand hybrid hair and beauty salons in South Wales. But it wasn’t always like this… Like any good idea, UHB was born of personal and common frustrations when it came to researching, sourcing and booking various treatments with different therapists and stylists across multiple locations. Today our choice has never been so overwhelming yet our time more precious.

“Being a busy mum of two and a business owner usually means I have very little time to myself. For a rare night out I would usually be juggling daily tasks whilst racing across town to multiple salons just to get myself ready. This extra pressure made me feel anything but relaxed and special. Fast forward many years down the line; UHB’s vision is to deliver to our beautiful and loyal clients the ultimate in quality, convenience and relaxation to help make that precious me time all the more special”